Michigan Forensic Audit Seekers Rally at State Capitol Demanding Action

As election integrity stalwarts around the nation such as Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and others demand election integrity, people are rallying in Michigan. Those at the rally there outside of Michigan’s capitol are demanding that legislators and government officials take a closer look into the 2020 election with a forensic audit.

Regardless of what you think about the election or who you supported, we have to be clear that forensic audits, while the findings are sometimes tricky to interpret, are absolutely not the same thing as recounts. Recounts simply make sure the votes that are on file were properly counted and recorded. This is a common practice for when elections are close. But forensic audits are to examine the ballots themselves to determine if all the votes in a given election were legitimate.

Things looked at during a forensic audit are electronic data, signature verification standards, and many other things such as if those who voted were supposed to be allowed to vote where they voted from and if there were duplicates, dead people voting, or votes that don’t link back to registered voters.

We’re not claiming all these things happened to the extent that the election in a particular state could be changed or not here, just explaining the goal of these audits. Audits don’t always get to the bottom of all the aforementioned, and are sometimes limited by money, manpower, or perceived stalling by counties and cities that store voter information after an election.

For example, Maricopa County, Arizona, admitted to deleting and archiving files before complying with a subpoena from the state senate, but they argued that the subpoena didn’t ask for the archived files during a hearing, in which they claimed they did nothing wrong. Recently Liz Harrington, a spokesperson for former President Donald Trump posted:

“Voter Fraud in Michigan Woman submitted 26 false mail-in ballot applications for elderly people in her care How many did she vote for them?”

See today’s Michigan rally below. The video below contains contained filmed live and is unedited and we don’t necessarily support everything seen in the said video:

Many people believe Detroit is a corrupt city which means they think there may have been fraud in the 2020 presidential election. It remains to be seen if an audit will happen, and if the audit will be sufficient to uncover fraud or satisfy those who want to see more.

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