Mike Pence Reported to Be Raising $18 Million for His Own Potential Potential Presidential Run in 2024

Axios is reporting that former Vice President Mike Pence is considering going rogue. In the report, they claim he wants to raise $18 million this year alone. This is because he is considering potentially running in 2024 according to Axios. Pence is utilizing a group called “Advancing American Freedom” to apparently test the waters.

If for some reason former President Trump doesn’t run we can see this as being a feasible idea, although still a very tough sell to the American people. If Trump does run in 2024, which we think is more likely, Pence certainly will not have a good time.

Pence is seen a having turned on Trump by most Trump supporters. It will be hard for him to win a primary with Donald Trump by his side running against him. If Trump were to pick someone like Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, this would be even harder. Axios reported more details on Pence’s new group, saying:

The group is staffed by some of Pence’s top allies and ex-aides, including former chief of staff Marc Short, political adviser Marty Obst and former senior Trump White House staffer Paul Teller. They tweeted out the story with the caption:

“NEW: Mike Pence is positioning himself for a 2024 presidential run by aiming to raise a whopping $18 million this year.”

Meanwhile, even while banned on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, Donald Trump maintains popularity with Republicans. Some left-leaning news outlets have even accused him of attempting to run a shadow presidency with his rallies ongoing and continues teasers for 2024.

We think that’s a ridiculous accusation though, but it certainly means that people are afraid of Trump running again. Former President Donald Trump wanted Mike Pence to reject the certification of the 2020 election, and Pence did not. Many legal experts argue that he could not have done so anyway, but some say if he would have at least tried, he would have kept in good standing with Trump’s hardcore fan base.

There’s no way of knowing for sure how that would have turned out since that is not the way it happened. Trump has avoided lashing out very much against Pence, but it’s clear they are no longer on the same team, although who knows what may happen in the future. Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation.

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