Mike Pence Urges Passing of USMCA Trade Agreement

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the Detroit economic club yesterday and he had a message to Congress.

“With the USMCA signed into law, it will strengthen the economy of North America like never before. The president has done his job, Canada and Mexico have done their job, now it’s time Congress to do its job.”

From LansingStateJournal.com:

There are no more important trading partners in ensuring our prosperity than our neighbors to the north and south. Canada and Mexico are the biggest markets for U.S. exports in the world. According to new state data from the National Association of Manufacturers, they purchase more of Michigan’s total global manufacturing exports than the rest of the world combined. In fact, last year, our state exported $55 billion in goods globally, with $34 billion going to Canada and Mexico.

Before he spoke, he retweeted the White House imploring Congress to act in response to an editorial titled: Viewpoint: Michigan economy relies on tariff-free trade with Canada and Mexico.

The tweet from The White House read:

“Several months after the leaders of the U.S., Canada and Mexico signed the agreement, the USMCA awaits congressional approval. Without congressional action, the future of our businesses—and so many others across Michigan and the nation—are on the line.”


Back in June, House leader Nancy Pelosi had voiced support for the bill but was unable to get it passed prior to the August recess. “We want to pass this bill,” Pelosi said at the time. In order for the Senate to do anything, it will have to pass through the House first. We will see if she continues with this rhetoric or tries to use it as leverage against President Trump in the upcoming session.

The left is trying to push a narrative that we are heading for an impending recession, and some even appear to be hoping for one. Although President Trump has denied that, this deal would certainly help scoot the red hot U.S. economy along even further.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) also tweeted about the bill in recent days. She said:

“Joining many other Iowa farmers, families, and small business owners to urge Congress to ratify #USMCA. This agreement is a win for Iowa and it’s time to get it done!”


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