Mississippi Senate Bill Banning CRT Being Taught in Public Schools Passes Despite Every Black Dem Bailing on Vote in Protest

The Mississippi state Senate today passed a bill banning critical race theory from being taught in public schools and will now head to the House which has its own legislation aimed at preventing CRT. 

Journalist Ashton Pittman reported in a tweet, “Here’s a video showing the moment when all 14 Black Democrats walked out of the Mississippi Senate in protest of the so-called ‘CRT’ bill.”

“The only white Democrats in the chamber, Sens. David Blount and Hob Bryan, remained & voted no. It passed 32-2,” Pittman added.

State Sen John Horhn said of the unprecedented move, “We walked out as a means to show a visible protest to these proceedings.”

The Democrats believe that the bill is unnecessary, but Republicans said that their constituents had reached out to them about getting the legislation passed.

“We felt like it was a bill that was not deserving of our vote. We have so many issues in the state that need to be addressed. We did not need to spend time on this,” state Sen Derrick Simmons insisted.

The author of the bill, state Sen Michael McLendon defended the legislation and explained, “This bill has no intent of changing history, whatsoever.”

“All it does is say we’re not telling any child that they’re inferior or superior to another,” McLendon noted.

Republican Gov Tate Reeves has previously voiced his desire to see CRT banned from being taught in public schools in the state.