Mitt Romney Bashes Trump’s Policy After Ceasefire: ‘Bloodstain on Annals of History’

U.S. Senator from Utah Mitt Romney (R) bashed President Trump after the successful negotiation by Vice President Mike Pence with Turkish President Erdogan on Thursday for a five-day ceasefire in Syria.

Romney took to the floor of the senate for his critical response to the withdrawal of the troops in Syria. Romney opens with praise for the ceasefire and hopes that it will be honored. He then raises the question, why wasn’t this set before the 50 troops were removed? He then highlights that as we have moved out, Russia has moved in.

Romney pronounces “The announcement today is being portrayed as a victory. It is far from a victory. ” Romney again questions why the troops were removed and calls for an answer from President Trump on what role the U.S. plays in the region going forward. President Trump has previously stated that he is keeping a campaign promise by removing troops from ‘endless wars’. 

Romney pushes for keeping a U.S. military presence in the area as removal would show weakness. “What about the Kurds,” Romney asks “America has abandoned an ally” in reference to the Kurds. Romney states the abandonment of the Kurds “will stand as a bloodstain on the annals of Amerian history”. The United States partnered with the Kurds in the effort to eliminate Isis control in Iraq and Syria, which was declared a success earlier this year.  Turkey is also an ally of the U.S. and a member of NATO since 1955. 


Romney, who is a member of the Senate Foreign affairs committee pouted that no consultation was made with the committee in President Trump’s decision in the removal of U.S. Troops, although this is a decision that is singularly up to the Commander in Chief. He then petitions that the senate should have had been consulted before the decision was made. As Romney points, out the Senate gave the president the authority and the funding to fight terrorism in Syria. 

Romney failed to win the Presidental election in 2012. Had he won he would have had the ability as commander in chief to make military decisions. This power currently lands in the hands of President Donald Trump. Romney has declined to endorse President Trump in the 2020 election even though President Trump endorsed Romney for his U.S. Senate bid. Since the endorsement, the relationship between Romney and the President has seemed to deteriorate.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul has also been a very vocal critic of  President Trump. Paul is on the other side of the coin here though and has had nothing but praise for the President’s decision to remove the troops from Syria. Paul is against the ‘endless wars’ in the middle east has is a major proponent of removing U.S. troops from the middle east. Paul has been on lots of shows lately about his new book in the clip below you can watch him praise the President with “He gets it.


In an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Paul expresses a completely different view of the whole situation than many others.