Mitt Romney Upsets His Liberal Following With Apparent Nancy Pelosi Salon Visit Dig

Senator Mitt Romney has burned a lot of bridges within the GOP and one place that it is evident is on Twitter. He tweeted out a photo Monday of his wife Ann giving him a haircut and said he was “Getting cleaned up for resumption of the Senate. Better salon than Pelosi’s!”

Most of the replies were from liberal Twitter users and they were not very happy with Romney for leveling what they perceived to be an insult at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It seems unclear if Romney was trying to insult Pelosi or the salon owner and liberal USA Today opinion columnist Michael Stern pointed out as much, saying “Given that @eSalonSF gleefully took video of one of their clients and handed it over to Fox News, any salon is better than that of @SpeakerPelosi.”

A self-proclaimed “flower child still fighting for justice” named Cathy responded that “this kind of comment is beneath you . I expect more from you ..not Ted Cruz worthy adolescent zingers.”

Biden supporter and ER doctor Andrea R told Romney that she “expected something better” from him “than a juvenile tweet” and referred to him as “Senator” to emphasize her point.

Trump resister Christy Morris showed her disapproval by saying “wow for a brief moment I thought you were one of the decent Republicans left, with this tweet you proved me wrong …sad decent Republican is now a oxymoron.”

Washington D.C. resident Clifton Kuykendall had harsh words for the whole Republican party, saying, “Y’all file this in profiles in courage…next time you say that there’s a decent 1 or 2 Senators in the GOP. There’s not, nor in the entire party. You can’t have that in a party that calls Trump its leader. Vote them all out.”

One conservative, Vince Dao, did have a message for the Utah Senator. He said, “cool” and then implored Romney to “resign and give your seat to an actual Republican please.”

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