MSNBC Host Not Appeased by Musk’s ‘Ye’ Ban Statement About Both Sides of ‘Radicals’, Says Far Left Just Wants Sick Leave

The far left is seizing on recent statements made by rapper Kanye “Ye” West to try to go on the offensive against Elon Musk, since he hasn’t come over to their side yet.

After suspending Ye, Musk made a statement in a tweet that “You know Twitter is being fair when extremists on far right and far left are simultaneously upset!”

“Twitter aims to serve center 80% of people, who wish to learn, laugh & engage in reasoned debate,” Musk explained.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan, however, wasn’t convinced by the statement and shot back in a quote tweet, “The extremists on the far right literally and openly say they love Hitler (and one of them is your pal, who you welcomed back).”

“The extremists on the far left want paid sick leave for rail workers,” Hasan insisted.

In regards to the railroad labor fight, every Democrat voted for the proposal from far left Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Association of American Railroads CEO Ian Jefferies said in a statement that “Unless Congress wants to become the de facto endgame for future negotiations, any effort to put its thumb on the bargaining scale to artificially advantage either party or otherwise obstruct a swift resolution would be wholly irresponsible and risk a timely outcome to avoid significant economic harm.”

While progressives can play coy with what Democrats are trying to do, it is clear that these sorts of maneuvers could be devastating to the economy as a whole in the long run, much like what has happened over the last few years, in our opinion.

What Hasan didn’t mention was that in Pennsylvania, House Republicans are attempting to impeach progressive District Attorney Larry Krasner because his policies and practices “have led to catastrophic consequences” for Philadelphians.

House Republicans approved seven articles of impeachment, including complaints about Krasner’s prosecution and bail policies, as well as citing court rebukes of how his office handled several cases.

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