MTG and Lauren Boebert Call For Jeffrey Epstein’s Network to be Made Public Following Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty Verdicts

Despite all of the #MeToo bluster, U.S. House Reps Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) were the first two Congresswomen to weigh in on Twitter following the guilty verdicts in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Jack Posobiac reported that “Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty. All details of Epstein’s Network ordered sealed.”

Greene quote tweeted Posobiac and said, “Jeffrey Epstein’s entire network should be made public and his fortune should go to his victims.”

“If the fake J6 committee can subpoena innocent people’s cell phone data and bank records then Jeffrey Epstein’s whole network should be publicized,” Greene emphasized.

Boebert echoed Greene’s words in a tweet where she declared, “Ghislaine Maxwell deserves to rot behind bars for the rest of her days and the public deserves to know every single person involved in the Epstein sex trafficking network.”

“We deserve to know the whole truth, not just some vague court sketches,” Boebert insisted.

Left-wing detractors replied on both lady’s tweets and with pictures of Donald Trump and Epstein, attempting to suggest that the former president was somehow aware of Epstein’s alleged criminal acts.

It was reported last year, however, that had previously banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago club for hitting on the teenage daughter of another member.

As we previously reported of the six counts against her, Maxwell was found not guilty on count 2, but guilty on all others.

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