MTG Builds on Tucker’s Slam Against Joe Biden Over Fourth of July Celebration Permission, Says Illegal Immigrants Are BBQ’ing at Border Without Vaccines as We Speak

U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to Twitter to build on criticism that came from Tucker Carlson and others. The outrage was based on part of President Joe Biden’s recent speech, where he implied that people who get Covid-19 vaccines may be able to gather in small groups on the Fourth of July. Carlson’s critique was simple, people should not have to ask permission to celebrate Independence Day, of all things.

Did Joe Biden ever tell Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters to make sure they get vaccinated and only gather in small groups?

As we mentioned in our early Carlson piece, reporting on his slam, we also talked about how many are outraged with the building of former President Trump’s border wall promptly halted, and ICE “gutted” as Tom Homan put it, large groups of illegal immigrants are reportedly pouring across the southern U.S. border. It appears that Congresswoman Greene took notice as well, blasted Biden, not holding back:

“Hey @JoeBiden, all those illegals you are welcoming in our country are having big barbacoas right now at our border. They aren’t waiting until July 4th like you want legal American taxpayers to do, if they get the vaccine. You also forgot to thank President Trump for the shot!”

As we reported earlier, Tucker said in part:

“The President said if you take that shot and listen to Dr. Fauci it is possible that you might be able to gather in small groups for the Fourth of July. Who are you talking to?” Says Tucker:

Surely as the news cycle gears up tomorrow, plenty more America First politicians, pundits, and freedom-loving citizens will have a lot to say about Biden’s poor choice of words regarding one of American’s most sacred holidays. The question is, was it really just a badly written way of getting his message across, or a veiled swipe at those who did not vote for Biden, knowing how important that holiday is to so many.

No one will be able to say for sure, and it won’t be a surprise if even Joe Biden himself quickly forgets what the premise was behind that snippet of his earlier speech. This comes as his lack of appearances draws questions about his mental fitness that were raised even before the 2020 election. Surely the Biden team will do their best to continue to cover for his gaffes and lack of appearances, but sooner or later things will come to the surface in regards to what’s potentially going on if Biden doesn’t start addressing Americans more.