MTG on Chauvin Trial Verdict: ‘BLM Has Now Proven Itself to be the Most Powerful Domestic Terrorists Organization in our Country’

Following the guilty verdict on the two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter by former police officer Derek Chauvin, U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) weighed in with her opinion.

In a tweet, Greene declared, “BLM has now proven itself to be the most powerful domestic terrorists organization in our country.”

Greene then referenced U.S. House Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA and asked if after her “threats could there have been any other verdict?”

Waters has been heavily criticized by Greene for controversial comments she made over the weekend where she called for “confrontation” in the streets if Chauvin was not convicted.

Yesterday, she introduced a resolution that would oust the embattled Congresswoman, but it is unlikely to be brought to a vote.

The official Black Lives Matter Twitter page released a three-part tweet that people were unable to respond to after the verdict was announced where they expressed dissatisfaction with the process:

330 days to confirm what we already knew. 330 days of reliving the trauma of George’s murder, fearing that the system would let us down again, and mourning so many more that we lost. For a murder witnessed by millions.

This isn’t proof the system works. It’s proof of how broken it is. Because it took us this long, and this much attention. Until we have a world where our communities can thrive free from fear, there will be no justice.

We support the Floyd family and hope this news helps them rest a little easier.

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