When Questioned By Ted Cruz, Stacey Abrams Maintains That the 2018 Election Was ‘Stolen From the Voters of Georgia’

During a Senate hearing yesterday, U.S. Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) got former Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams to maintain that the 2018 gubernatorial election was “stolen from the voters of Georgia.”

Cruz can be seen in video of the exchange asking, “You still refuse to concede that you lost the race for governor in Georgia in 2018. You have said that quote, you ‘do not concede that the process was proper.’ And that quote, ‘They stole it from the voters of Georgia.’ Yes or no: Today, do you still maintain that the 2018 Georgia election was stolen?”

Abrams responded, “As I’ve always said, I acknowledged at the very beginning that I did. Brian Kemp won under the rules that were in place, but I object to our rules that permitted thousands of Georgia voters to be denied their participation in this election, without their votes cast out, but I will continue to advocate for a system that permits every eligible Georgian to cast their ballots.”

Cruz however wasn’t satisfied and pressed Abrams for the yes or no answer, insisting, “please answer the question I asked, which is to use yes or no. Do you still maintain the 2018 election was stolen, that’s your language?”

Abrams then gave her the answer he was looking for and replied, “My full language was that it was stolen from the voters of Georgia. We do not know what they would have done because not every eligible Georgian was permitted to participate fully in the election.”

Quoting a statement Abrams made in the New York Times, Cruz then provided Abrams with some statistics on black turnout percentages in Georgia that confused her, as she claimed that the size of the population affected those statistics, when that does not.

From the Washington Examiner:

“The percentage of black Georgians who are registered to vote in 2018 is 64.7%. That compares to 60.2% as the national average, the percentage of Georgians who voted in 2018, the election you claim was stolen from you, was 56.3%. That’s higher than the national average of 48%,” Cruz told Abrams on Tuesday.

“Let me ask you this, Miss Abrams. In 2018, do you know which demographic group in Georgia had the highest registration percentage and the highest turnout percentage?”

She deferred to Cruz on the answer, who told her: “The answer is African Americans had the highest registration and the highest turnout despite your claiming that the election was stolen and there was somehow voter suppression.

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