MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell ‘Strongly Thinking About’ Running for Minnesota Governor in 2022

Fresh off an announcement that his company was answering the ‘Presidents call‘ to make face masks for hospitals, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced that he was “strongly thinking about” running for Minnesota Governor in 2022 while speaking with America First radio host Sebastian Gorka. He also denied rumors that he is running for Senate.

Gorka: So I posted about the Minnesota Campaign Chairmanship, my wife saw something on the internet that said you’re running for Senate, is that just a rumor?

Lindell: No, I’m not running for Senate. They want me to run for Governor in 2022 and since I’m Chairman of the Trump Campaign for Minnesota, I’m going to get a good feeling around our state when we get through this and I’m very strongly thinking of doing it but I’d like to get all of our state legislatures turned red so I could actually make a difference.

Here is the full interview on Gorka’s radio show:

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