Netflix’s Reed Hastings Does About Face, Has only Praise for ‘What Elon Musk is Doing’ in Snub to Angry Celebs

Elon Musk thanked Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings for his kind words, as Hastings it appears only had praise for the controversial new Twitter CEO.

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley shared on Twitter, a clip from the NYT’s DealBook Summit where Hastings shared his thoughts on Musk as well as his Twitter takeover.

Hastings was asked for his thoughts on Musk’s takeover of Twitter, and he responded with “I’m excited, I’m excited”. He then went on with praise for Musk, “Elon Musk is the bravest most creative person on the planet”.

Hastings then share his adulation for what Musk has accomplished, “What he’s done in multiple areas is phenomenal”.

“His style is different then like, I’m trying to be a really steady respectable leader, you know he doesn’t care,” Hastings added. “He’s just like out there.”

Hastings continued, “Think of a guy who’s spent 44 billion, he could have built the biggest, a mile-long yacht for 44 billion, but it’s not good for the plant so he’s not interested.”

Hastings was then asked, “Do you think what he is doing is good for the planet?”

Hastings, sounding more serious answered, “I’m a hundred percent convinced, that he is trying to help the world, in all of his endeavors, and he’s trying to help the world on that one because he believes in free speech, and its power for democracy and that there’s an option.”

Hastings then contributed, “Now how he goes about it, again is not how I would do it, but deeply respectful, [I’m] amazed that people are like so nitpicky on him, the blue checkmark he’s making a mess, some things are not. But it’s like give the guy a break. He just spent all this money to try to make it much better for democracy and society and to have a more open platform. I am sympathetic to that agenda.”

The clip ends there, this is much different than what we have seen from other public figures.

Many public figures made a scene, making sure people knew they were leaving Twitter and it was because Musk took over. Others such as Alyssa Milano have pledged to stay but continue to complain about Musk’s takeover.

Musk has joked with many of the blue-check celebs, who complain about the changes made to Twitter, telling them, they can complain all they want it is just going to cost them $8 dollars a month.

Musk has said since the start of his acquisition of Twitter, that he wants to see it be a free speech platform that is more of a Townhall where ideas can be freely exchanged. Where people aren’t censored just because what they said offended someone

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