New Anti-Trump Jon Karl Book Claims That the Former President’s Staffers Blamed Themselves For Herman Cain’s Death

A new anti-Trump book by ABC’s Jon Karl claims that the former president’s staffers blamed themselves after Herman Cain passed away after a battle with COVID-19.

One senior Trump staffer reportedly told ABC News reporter Will Steakin, who also attended the Tulsa, Oklahoma event on June 20, 2020, that was attended by Cain prior to his diagnosis, “We killed Herman Cain.”

Karl’s forthcoming book is called, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show” and is scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

Cain was flown into the Tulsa event by the Trump campaign as he was a prominent Republican who co-chaired the coalition Black Voices for Trump, according to the book.

According to the book, eight staffers tested positive for COVID-19 before the event, although it was only reported at the time that six did.

The day after Cain passed away, then-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down a reporter who attempted to politicize his death.

“Herman Cain passed away yesterday and obviously he had tested positive for COVID 9 days after attending the president’s rally in Tulsa. Officials there have connected the rally to a spike in cases. Is there any concern that Herman Cain may have contracted Coronavirus at the president’s rally, and is the taskforce doing any follow up to track other potential cases from that event?” McEnany said at the time.

Following the report on the book, Dr. Carol Swain shared pictures of herself with Cain and Allen West.

“These pictures were taken after the Tulsa Rally,” Swain said in a tweet.