New Poll Shows Lee Zeldin Within Four Points of Radical Liberal NY Governor Kathy Hochul

In a new poll conducted by Trafalgar Group between 8/31-9/1 shows New York Governor Kathy Hochul is leading Lee Zeldin by only 4 points. From this poll, it appears that Zeldin may be closing the gap.

Robert C. Cahaly tweeted the poll results adding “Zeldin a bit closer than expected.

“New @InsiderAdv/@trafalgar_group #NYGov #Poll (8/31-9/1) shows #Hochul w/lead but #Zeldin a bit closer than expected. #nypol 47.8% @KathyHochul 43.4% @leezeldin 2.1% @LarrySharpe 6.7%   Und”

This is a big difference from the results of a poll from August 23 by SurveyUSA on behalf of WNYT-TV that showed a 24-point difference between the pair with Hochul leading.

Robert C. Cahaly shared something Trafalgar Group has noticed in polling.

“Folks I know the GA, WA, & NY #poll numbers are surprising but we at @Trafalgar_Group have seen a big shift in favor of non incumbents since #Biden announced his #studentloanforgiveness package. No other issue this cycle has enraged middle and working class voters more than this”

It seems that Biden is his own worst enemy as Cahaly said he has “enraged middle and working class voters” more than before with his major slap in the face with his student loan forgiveness.

If things keep trending this way New York could have a Republican Governor next year. Democrats seem to be extremely out of touch with the average middle-class voter, which could bring Republicans to the top. Even if they do Republicans have to make sure to take seriously the issues the middle-class care about and stand up to RINOs and the establishment.

Zeldin is clearly encouraged by the new polling:

“NEW POLL ALERT! This new independent poll from @InsiderAdv/@trafalgar_group underscores our big momentum in NY right now to fire @KathyHochul, end one-party rule, and Save Our State!”

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