Newly Trump Endorsed Mo Brooks Cosponsors Bill to ‘Fund and Complete the Border Wall’ by 12/31/21 Amid Biden Border Crisis

U.S. Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) has recently announced that he will be running for the U.S. Senate. Even more noteworthy, he just acquired the highly coveted endorsement of former President Trump, which all but puts him in the catbird seat for that race.

Brooks recently posted a Fox News article to Twitter:

“Mo Brooks has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the U.S. Senate representing the Great State of Alabama.” Trump said in a statement.”

Now Brook has a new announcement, showing the world that no matter how dire things may seem with Democrats in control, he is not going to roll over easy. This opinion of ours could be interpreted in various ways, but in this particular instance, it has to do with immigration and the southern border wall.

Before leaving office, then President Donald Trump had built hundreds of miles of wall to secure the southern U.S. Mexico border. To appeased the radicals in his party, President Joe Biden ordered the wall building to temporarily be halted so that Democrats could determine whether allocated money could be saved by potentially being directed elsewhere.

This move not only jeopardized the security of the United States, but it put many thousands of construction workers out of work. Contracts were broken with companies who were building major wall sections. Illegal immigration surged to out of control numbers which is an ongoing issue to this day.

The Democrats are dropping the ball so badly on this, one might be forgiven to speculate they are doing exactly what they wanted to do. All this being said, President Biden’s administration recently announced they are potentially considering “filling holes” in the wall, which is one way of saying Trump’s border wall may get finished, at least major parts of it.

This comes after reports that unfinished sections were actually helping coyotes and drug dealers get into the U.S. even easier than before. Mo Brooks isn’t happy with this alone though, and is co-sponsoring a bill that would ensure more security for Americans.

“I am cosponsoring HR 58, the Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act. This great bill by @RepAndyBiggsAZ would require completion of the wall on our southern border by 12/31/21, & reduces foreign aid by $2,000 for each illegal alien that enters our country.” He tweeted recently.

It’s tough to say how much hope this has in passing, but it sends a strong message, and hopefully for Americans, there can begin to be some sense of calm and security once again in the immigration department. Many Republicans have even begun calling for a total pause on all immigration, until things get under control.