Mitch McConnell Backs Down Again, Reportedly Eases Up on Stance That Businesses Shouldn’t be Political Amid MLB/Coca-Cola Scandal, Others Stand Firm

After previously flip-flopping on his stance about former President Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is doing more of the same. McConnell, who was a fervent supporter of Trump’s during most of his presidency, is also the opposite type of Republican.

Whereas Donald Trump is and always has been a ‘tell it like it is’ fighter, McConnell has always played the game of politics as though it is only a matter of ‘give and take’, and often appears to give more than he takes. Although some old-guard Republicans may describe Mitch as the smart counterpart to Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. Speaker of the House, many others would go as far as to say he has betrayed the GOP in many ways with weakness.

The Hill is out with a report that Mitch is already backtracking after attempting to appear strong in the face of ‘woke’ corporations in the U.S., who almost always side with the left. It’s almost as if corporations are just an extension of the leftist ran Hollywood-media-government complex, as we see it anyway.

Apparently Mitch McConnell, who is himself a huge recipient of major corporate donor cash, said that corporations shouldn’t be too political, but should definitely keep divvying out cash of course. Now he is apparently reversing course on that already pathetic and weak stance in the eyes of many Republican voters.

While many airlines and the MLB are trying to leverage their financial strength on behalf of the Democrats to force states not to enact voter integrity bills, and Coca-Cola training courses have reportedly taught employees how to “be less White”, it’s hard to see how McConnell is doing anything at all in the way of what people voted for him to do.

The Hill reported of McConnell in part:

“I didn’t say that very artfully yesterday. They’re certainly entitled to be involved in politics. They are. My principal complaint is they didn’t read the darn bill,” McConnell said Wednesday at a press conference in Paducah, Kentucky.

The GOP leader softened his tough talk from earlier in the week, when he warned that companies would face “serious consequences” if they become “a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country.”

He warned that “businesses must not use economic blackmail to spread disinformation and push bad ideas that citizens reject at the ballot box.” 

“I found it completely discouraging to find a bunch of corporate CEOs getting in the middle of politics,” McConnell said Monday at a press conference in his home state. “My advice to the corporate CEOs of America is to stay out of politics. Don’t pick sides in these big fights.”

It’s hard to say if Republicans ever do take back the U.S. Senate if they will be goofy enough to put Mitch back in the Majority position. If they do they would be signing on to just more losing in our view. Meanwhile, many Republicans in red and swing state legislatures are doing the opposite, cracking down on weak voter ID laws and other things of that nature, and trying to push for bills to keep only biological women in sports, among other things.

Some states are even pushing to ban any sort of “vaccine passports” from ever being enacted on any Government level. While the era of the McConnells of the GOP may have long since passed, the effects of voting for him and people like him clearly will linger in the GOP for some time to come as GOP voters and strategists decide if they want to ever start winning, or not.

At least, for Trump-like voters anyway, Republicans like U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) have continued to stay strong in their anti ‘woke’ corporation stances.