NSC Coordinator John Kirby Awkwardly Deflects Important Question on China Buying U.S. Property, Say’s ‘Home Ownership’ Isn’t His Swimming Lane

The NSC coordinator John Kirby appeared at today’s White House press briefing and was asked about critical U.S. real estate being purchased by China and foreign buyers.

The reporter asked, “China, foreign buyers, are buying up U.S. real estate, in some cases farms, around military installations. Is this on the administration’s radar?”

Kirby responded initially, “The question of home ownership is a little beyond my swimming lane.”

The reporter pressed, “Particularly when it comes to around military installations.”

“I’m probably not the right person to ask about home ownership…” Kirby explained.

The reporter then attempted to point out, “This isn’t about home ownership, this is about buying up land around military installations, isn’t that a concern to this administration?”

At that point, another official declared that they were going to move on to the next question.

Journalist Kyle Becker replied to a clip of the interaction that was shared by Breaking911, “Nice dodge, Kirby, and I don’t mean the pickup truck”

Another Twitter user offered his reasoning for why Kirby wouldn’t address the issue as they said, “Kirby (thinking to himself): ‘I know I’ve been told not to talk about this…the Big Guy said not to impact his 10%'”

A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed was titled, “China Is Buying the Farm” and pointed out that “State-owned companies have bought many acres near U.S. military bases.”

“What is Beijing up to?” they wondered.

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