OAN News Puts MSNBC on Notice, Escalates Lawsuit for Being Called ‘Treasonous’ to US Court of Appeals

One America News, a smaller but growing conservative-leaning news network that President Trump has shown his affection towards, is stepping up their game. They recently tweeted out that they are escalating a lawsuit against radical left talk show host Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. OAN News recently tweeted:

#BREAKING: One America News Elevates its Defamation Case Against Rachel Maddow, Comcast, and NBCU to the US Court of Appeals”

OAN reported that their founder and CEO, Robert Herring, Sr. was quoted as saying: “We’re fully prepared to pursue this case against Rachel Maddow, Comcast, and NBCU to the United States Supreme Court, even though we are in a David v. Goliath legal battle. Maddow made the claim that OAN and my family have engaged in treasonous acts. Nothing is further from the truth and her heavily propagated falsehoods have hurt the network’s integrity and the trust extended by our viewers.”

This comes on the heels of Nick Sandmann winning a major lawsuit against CNN, with his lawyer Lin Wood, who is now assisting Kyle Rittenhouse with his self-defense plea in a shooting that he was involved in at the Kenosha, WI riots. The left claims it was cold blood and some on the right, Rittenhouse and others on the right claim self-defense.

This may open up a new channel for right-wing news organizations and characters to push back on major Goliath industries like MSNBC, CNN, and perhaps one-day big tech, as some have claimed that some tech companies unfairly target conservatives for censorship. It is not our place to state that as a fact, of course, it is up to you the reader to decide what you think.

OAN appears to be ready to take this case against Maddow all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to. The case is against Maddow, ‘NBCU’ and Comcast, and is pending a hearing with the US Court of appeals, as OAN reports it was filed today. Standby for updates…