Elizabeth Warren Makes Awkward Chicken Noises on TV, Claims Biden “Spanked” Trump and That’s Why he Cancelled Second Debate

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren took to daytime talk show ‘The Real’ to trash President Trump. A question was brought up to her of whether or not she thinks Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden should bother debating President Trump anymore.

Trump has been on record on multiple occasions trashing Elizabeth Warren over her claims of Native American ancestry, and calling her ‘Pocahontas’, so no doubt she harbors some feelings of ill will towards him, and whether or not Warren is right in her speculations in her recent TV appearance, she clearly is trying to hit back at Trump. At one point she even went as far as to make chicken noises and then called President Trump ‘chicken’.

“Do you think Biden should debate Trump, at all, anymore?” the host asks Warren. As Warren begins to answer, all four apparently biased talk show hosts began to giggle like school girls. “You know, I have to say, you said, you think that’s the reason that Trump canceled is because he had Covid” she starts to answer, as she went on the mock the leader of the free world who just beat the deadly disease.

Warren continued: “I don’t know Lonnie, I don’t have any inside information but I gotta tell ya, my first thought, bok bok bok bok bok bok you know, a total chicken. He knows that he just got spanked in the first debate, and he got out there and he blustered and he strutted around, and a lot of Americans who might have been on the fence, who might have supported him the last time around, said I’m done with this guy. So I think that’s the main reason he didn’t show up”.

Warren then goes on to say that she thinks Biden should call his bluff and that the American people are ready to “turn on Trump”. WATCH:

It’s hard to predict for sure who will win the upcoming presidential election. There are many variables, such as Demographic changes brought on in part by mass immigration policies from both parties, Covid-19 fear, and other things threatening to shake up the election for either side.

One thing that most Trump supporters know or believe though, is that he is anything but chicken. President Trump didn’t want to participate in a virtual debate. A virtual debate simply isn’t the same dynamic as a regular in-person debate and most people know that.

President Trump has also tested negative twice for Covid-19, so the need for the virtual debate for ‘safety’ is nil in our view, but the cancellation of the in-person debate is likely irreversible. Despite Warren’s chicken sounds and rambling, it’s highly doubtful that Trump is afraid to go up against Joe Biden, and we will see what the potential third debate brings.