OPINION: Katie Hill Says She’s Starting to Resurface, Did You Notice She Was Gone Yet?

Katie Hill (D), the Congresswoman who resigned in disgrace, has ‘checked in’ on Twitter to let us all know she will be resurfacing. This comes less than two weeks after she resigned as U.S. Representative for California’s 25th district. Her resignation came after scandals came to light involving her and different members of her staff. The married Ms. Hill was part of a ‘Thruple’, which included her husband and one of her staff members, and allegations that she was sexually involved separately with another person from her staff.

Nude photographs of Ms. Hill were published with her topless holding a bong. After all of this, Ms. Hill decided she would resign from her office, sighting a “double standard” as the reason for her resignation. She resigned on Halloween after the house held a vote on holding public impeachment hearings, in which she voted to move forward with the impeachment of President Donald Trump. 


She took to Twitter yesterday to proclaim she will be more active on social media and ‘less filtered’ than she was as a member of congress. In the video included in the tweet she thanks Squad member Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D) for the shirt that reads “If You’re not outraged you’re not paying attention” a tip of the hat to ‘left-wing woke culture’. 

It appears another member of the Squad was involved in the gift. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D) Tweeted a farewell to Ms. Hill along with pictures of Hill, Omar, and Pressley posing with the aforementioned shirt. Omar has been embroiled in scandals of her own involving her political consultant Tim Mynett as well as questions about her first marriage being to a biological brother in order to get citizenship. 


Mr. Mynett’s wife filed for divorce sighting his affair with Omar. A claim that Omar has denied. However, Omar filed for divorce from the father of her three children in early October. Many photographs have surfaced that show her and Mynett living together at an apartment in DC.

With a victim claim of a ‘double standard’ and not ‘wanting to be used as a bargaining chip’, Katie Hill has changed the role of her personal choices to a victim of circumstance. This removes the guilt of her actions that lead to her having to leave office abusing her position in Congress and sleeping with staff. So it comes as no surprise that Omar is in support of Hill as she is also allegedly sleeping with a member of her staff. However, Omar retains her position in the House.   

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