OPINION: God is Still Allowed at The CMA Awards

All of Hollywood and celebrity culture have not turned to the ‘dark side’ yet. Country music’s biggest night, the Country Music Association Awards is still welcoming to Christians and traditional Americans. It was hosted by the superstars Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, and Reba McEntire. 

Dolly Parton’s performance included three songs that centered around religion. She sang “God Only Knows,” “There Was Jesus,” and “Faith.” Meaningful lyrics from her song “Faith” are “Let me shine and radiate. With your love and light, and help me make any change I can in this world today. Just show me the way.” Watch the fantastic performance below.


According to an article published this week by the Los Angeles Times, Dolly Parton has stated she wants to stay out of the political arena. “I have my own thoughts, my own opinions, of course,” Parton says, “but I don’t believe that I should offend people that don’t have that same opinion by voicing my own opinion.”

She added: “Half my people are Republicans, half of them are Democrats, and I always joke that I’m just a ‘hypocrite’ — and in a way I kind of am. I know we can’t ever all get along. But we could get along a little better if we tried a little harder.” Haily Branson-Potts tweeted out:

“Dolly Parton refuses to get political. She’d prefer to heal the divide. “Half my people are Republicans, half of them are Democrats…But we could get along a little better if we tried a little harder.”


The winner for entertainer of the year was Garth Brooks, and in his acceptance speech, he spoke about other artists who performed that night and praised God. Watch his speech here. 


If you’re sick and tired of the autotune songs that are played on the radio and pushed by mainstream sources, listen to the artists that performed. To view the performances of the night, you can view them here