Patriot James Woods says he’s Gaining Followers at an Astounding Clip: 100,000 Since Musk ‘Saved Twitter’

When Tesla and now Twitter (among other things) CEO Elon Musk said he was going to try to aim to please the 80% in the political “center” in so many words, he was not kidding. Some think that’s great, and some are not happy, such as those still banned on Twitter, or those against banning anyone for almost any reason.

In our view, it would be foolhardy to think that any one website like Twitter could be run perfectly by any one person. It’s still important to remember how massive the change has been so far however, despite some things people on the right (and of course on the left…) are not pleased with.

One of the happy ones is legendary actor James Woods. Recently, Matt Taibbi posted a long Twitter thread with Musk’s support exposing Twitter censorship. Twitter’s previous managers censored both sides, but mostly they censored the right wing it appears.

Woods was one of the ones allegedly caught up in unfair censorship at the behest of left-wing political actors. Woods is now thinking about a possible lawsuit, and Larry Elder and John Rich are in the game to help. Elder, in particular, offered assistance with legal representation, saying:

@RealJamesWoods, James, My lawyer, with a firm with substantial resources, says he will represent you for free. Just let me know. Larry”

Woods said of his now-growing fan base on Twitter:

“I just noticed that I gained another 100,000 followers since @elonmusk saved Twitter from the suppressors of free speech. That’s 300,000 people in a few weeks, many of whose voices were silenced and are now free once again to enjoy the rights guaranteed by our constitution.”

Shortly before Woods’s post about gaining followers on Twitter 2.0, he mentioned the “#TwitterFiles”, of which more is to come. Despite scant mainstream media coverage, Woods thinks this story is not going away, in so many words.

The post shows a screenshot with high engagement on a tweet where Woods thanks Musk for changing Twitter. The screenshot at the time shows 7 million impressions and 446,000 engagements.

“As of noon December 3. Clearly this is not going away. #TwitterFiles

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