Larry Elder Mocks Jim Carrey, Says his Leaving Twitter Stunt was to Remind People that he was Still Around, to Begin with

Former California gubernatorial candidate and popular conservative Larry Elder has been on a tweeting spree lately. Many conservative politicians and celebrities have in fact, to the chagrin of left-wing activists everywhere.

These are just the facts, whether you like them or not. Many leftists are abandoning Twitter altogether or going to alternative platforms. Unlike when right-wingers flee to alternatives, however, usually because of heavy-handed politically biased, and unfair censorship, leftists simply want an echo chamber, in our view.

With the exception of some Antifa activists, Musk’s Twitter won’t be banning nearly as many leftists as the old Twitter-banned conservatives. Actress Alyssa Milano is one of the few left-wing celebrities not leaving Twitter, but she has been getting a lot of criticism lately, for selling off her Tesla car to switch to Volkswagen, among other things.

Actor Jim Carrey is among the ranks of those who either have or say they will leave Twitter under its new ownership. Jim Carrey says he’s leaving soon, but posted a bizarre video recently, and it’s unclear when or if he will truly leave. We reported about that tweet:

Larry Elder opined on Jim Carrey’s situation in addition to many other things he’s had to say on his busy Twitter feed lately. Elder thinks Carrey’s tweet was merely a stunt. Elder went even further by tagging Carrey to make sure that he sees this opinion, should he log back on to Twitter.

“.@JimCarrey announced he is “leaving @Twitter” by posting the announcement…on Twitter. Hollywood publicists praised the stunt as a brilliant and inexpensive way to remind the public Carrey is still alive.”

In the world of Twitter 2.0, things come at you fast. We will be standing by to see what interesting situation unfolds next.

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  1. carrey’s mother should have wiped a little deeper after his father was done abusing her.

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