Pelosi Attempts to Confuse People With Support for $2000 Stimulus but Won’t Discuss Cutting Foreign Aid

Democrats in the House of Representatives are doing their best to undermine Republicans and Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to divide and confuse people by claiming that they seek to pass a “stand-alone” bill with $2000 stimulus.

Pelosi tweeted, “This Christmas Eve morning, House Republicans cruelly deprived the American people of the $2,000 checks Trump agreed to support.”

“On Monday, the House will hold a vote on our stand-alone bill to increase economic impact payments to $2,000,” Pelosi added.

The tweet was retweeted by Media Right News this morning and we said, “This is misleading. It says standalone bill to increase payments. If it was a true standalone bill it would be $2000 and nothing else.”

“Not an ‘increase’ which leads me to believe she wants to increase the payments already included in the massive spending bill with foreign aid,” we added.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pushed back this morning as well, as he tweeted, “House Republicans just moved to re-examine how we spend taxpayer dollars on foreign aid—as President Trump called for. Democrats blocked it.”

“Thank you to Rob Wittman for representing Republicans on Christmas Eve in the fight for the American people,” McCarthy said, thanking Virginia’s first congressional district’s Congressman.

Whitman tweeted out this morning that he believes, “At a time when many believe that taxpayer dollars should go towards helping Americans most affected by the impacts of the pandemic, our government’s top priority must be our families, communities, and small businesses as we restore our country.”