US Rep Paul Gosar Says What Most are Thinking: NO Foreign Aid with ’20 Million Unemployed’

Republican Congressman and Trump ally Paul Gosar (R-AZ) took to Twitter this evening calling for an end to foreign aid while “20 million Americans are unemployed”. Below you can see his statement.

Rep. Gosar has long been a proponent of ‘America First’ foreign policy which includes bringing our troops home and ending foreign aid. The topic of foreign aid re-emerged on Tuesday after some discovered the amount of foreign aid in a bill that included the COVID-19 relief package inside.

At the least, it is safe to say we shouldn’t be giving billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries, especially countries that will use that to buy weapons from our enemies like Russia. While the COVID-19 relief package passed with only $600 in direct payments, the U.S. government passed a bill including billions of dollars in money to other countries while they don’t have enough money to give each American $1,200.

Rep. Gosar also took to Twitter to criticize the funding for Pakistan “gender grograms” in a recent spending bill passed. Below you can see his tweet.

It seems odd that Senators like Ron Johnson (R-WI) cite the deficit for decreasing the amount in direct payments to Americans but have no problem sending billions of dollars to other countries.

It is safe to say, both Republicans and Democrats think we need to get more money into the people’s hands. We will have to see if Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Trump can come to an agreement on a COVID-19 relief package, hopefully, a standalone one with no pork.

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