Pelosi Goes on Rampage, Says Trump and His ‘Stormtroopers’ Must Be Stopped After Seeing Viral Video

Protests, which have increasingly turned violent, in Portland have been happening nightly since late May so federal law enforcement has apparently been called in to help quell the unrest. Yesterday morning, video was posted of federal officers taking an Antifa protester off the streets and putting them in a van.

Nancy Pelosi cried foul at the display, saying that “unidentified stormtroopers” were “kidnapping protesters.” She claimed it was “one-sided violence” that was “causing severe injuries in response to graffiti. These are not the actions of a democratic republic.” She wants “Trump & his stormtroopers” to “be stopped.”

Last night, hundreds of demonstrators dismantled a chainlink fence that surrounded downtown parks and moved parts of the fence into the street. They later used pieces of the dismantled fencing to block the entrance of the federal courthouse and the federal office building.

Officers in riot gear followed by Portland police vehicles and some federal officers in camouflage shot pepper balls, deployed stun grenades and set off gas to eventually disperse the crowd.

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