Pennsylvania Judge Temporarily Blocks State from Certifying Presidential and Other Election Results

A judge in Pennsylvania has blocked the state from certifying the election results including the presidential election according to a tweet by The Election Wizard.

Ivan Pentchoukov tweeted what looks like information showing it is a temporary block and it seems that there will be an evidentiary hearing on Friday, November 27th.

All of this comes after last week when a Federal Judge rejected the lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign last week it was appealed.

Media Right News has reported on the issues plaguing Pennsylvania’s election.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is laying down the law so to speak. Fox News’ Shannon Bream is reporting that Alito has issued an order that any ballots received after 8 PM on election day in Pennsylvania be segregated and secured.

If counted, they are to be counted separately. Alito has ordered a reply by 2 PM Saturday. Meanwhile, it is being reported that although the Biden/Harris campaign claim to be confident that they will win the election for president, President Trump has no plans to make a concession speech anytime soon. According to Bream, Alito ordered in part: “… neither the applicant (PA GOP) nor the Secretary has been able to verify that all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance, which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them.”

Most major media outlets have called the election for Biden as the projected winner. Time will tell if these efforts by the Trump team will have any effect on the race. However, it is vitally important to make sure all votes counted are all and only legal votes for the sanctity of our elections process.