“People Are Pissed Off!” Says PA Congressional Candidate to Democrat Governor in Viral Clip

A Republican congressional candidate in Pennsylvania is “pissed off”, and he believes a lot of people are. He also has a message for the Governor, Tom Wolf (D). According to the number of views and likes on his viral Facebook video, he is probably right. Daniels, the self-avowed “Pro-Trump” candidate, and veteran running against incumbent Matt Cartwright (D) if he wins the primary is going full throttle.

On Friday he released the video on his Facebook page which has taken the internet by storm. Many Pennsylvanians, in addition to other states around the country with highly restrictive COVID-19 measures still in place, are ready to get back to work.

Although cases vary from state to state, it seems the Democrats are more eager to draw out the lockdowns as long as they can, and some have speculated that it could be political. Georgia has just about fully re-opened for example, with the Republican Governor Brian Kemp initially taking flak from everyone including President Trump.

But now Georgia’s cases are falling, showing that it is likely Kemp’s aggressive move to help save families and businesses from going bankrupt could be paying big dividends to his constituents. In the video released by Daniels, he appears to take a couple of shots from his semi-automatic rifle at a shooting range before then firing off his thoughts.

“My name’s Teddy Daniels, and I’m running for Congress, right here in northeast Pennsylvania”. He starts off. “I’m a Pro-Trump Republican, running against socialist Democrat Matt Cartwright. Let me tell you something, Governor Wolf just extended the stay at home order until June 4th, and people are pissed off. And I’m one of them! How are working families supposed to put food on the table, keep a roof over their head? The government has no right to say “you’re essential, and you’re not”. We can’t stand for this anymore. Come June 2nd, vote Teddy Daniels, send me to Congress, because I’m going to stand up for the working families and small businesses in Pennsylvania, thank you.” WATCH:


As of now the video has almost 230,000 views over the weekend, and will likely continue to rack them up in Pennsylvania and around the country. Will the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot with overreach? Or are the Trump-Republicans jumping the gun? The voters will decide on election day and Daniel’s previous no-nonsense approach to “politics as usual”, may give some ideas as to which way that will go.

Previously, Daniels has called out reporters for what he believes to be dishonest business practices, or as he likened it to “Bullshit”. He called out the Scranton Times specifically a few months back:

“The Scranton Times recently published a lie that I did not respond to their latest Fake News article. I did respond and this quote was acknowledged as received by the editor. My response is below. I am sick and tired of the Scranton Times rigging elections in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District!

“I think the Scranton Times is Fake News and in the bag for Cartwright and you don’t want me to win the primary because I don’t put up with your BULLSHI*.” – Teddy Daniels

With a direct to the people approach, if the voters are taking notice, he is likely to garner a large chunk of folks who liked President Trump’s similar approach back in 2016. Recent history has shown that outside of the Twitter blue checks, people want real, straight shooters who tell it like it is, and they aren’t nearly as easy to offend as large media outlets would like you think over things that aren’t “politically correct”.

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