Plummeting Kamala Harris Claims Trump Confessed to Something, Doesn’t Say What

It appears the impeachment-whistleblower hype isn’t going away anytime soon. That could mean that President Trump is in for some tough times, or that he should be worried, or perhaps it means the Democrats don’t have anything better to do. Time will tell which of these is the case to be sure. U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D), who has suffered a string of blunders along the campaign trail, appears to be going for broke, claiming vague things about the president in her recent tweet.

Along the road to where Harris is now, the bumps that led her to today include failing to correct a fan at a campaign event for misusing the words ‘mentally retarded’, denying her lapse in judgment, and appearing at a steak fry with 10,500 steaks after campaigning against meat. This is in addition to getting taken down a notch by democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard at an earlier debate for her record as a district attorney.

Gabbard, who did not qualify for the last debate, will indeed be back for the next Democrat debate as she tries to mount a comeback in the fact of an unfriendly DNC. And who can forget that a Democrat African American former police chief from South Carolina said that he was in favor of a particular white male candidate instead of Kamala Harris in his opinion? Well after all that you would at least think that Harris would be smart enough not to leave written talking points highlighting her campaign’s struggles of all things – oh wait – she did that too.

Yesterday Kamala continued to kick the whistleblower horse with a tweet implying that President Trump confessed to some sort of crime or impeachable offense, a ‘cover-up’ and ‘consciousness of guilt’. Could it be? Is it true that after all the other attempts to take down President Trump, this tweet by Kamala Harris, floundering in the polls and trying to stay relevant, is going to be the one to finally take him down? Harris tweeted out:

“We have a confession.
We have a cover-up.
There is a consciousness of guilt.

Just because Trump has power doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.

He must be impeached.”


Harris has been collapsing in the polls for some time now, and although she’s still battling it out for a distant fourth place spot with the Mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, the image from the latest poll which links to the website highlights the freefall she has taken. The Real Clear Politics average of all the major pollsters of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race is arguably the most comprehensive place to get the best grasp of the current picture.


While the Trump impeachment push from the left continues with closed-door hearings and cherry-picked information and sound bites from the likes of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D), President Trump continues to proverbially battle with the left on one hand, while he tries to run the country with the other. Trade deals with China in the works and a push to pass the USMCA agreement, things are full steam ahead with a 2020 presidential campaign that is set to by unlike nothing else.

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