Poll: Ohio, Texas Voters Prefer Trump over Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’ Faces ‘Enthusiasm Gap’

An Emerson College poll finds President Trump with small leads over the presumed Democrat nominee Joe Biden in Texas and Ohio, states Trump won in 2016 that Democrats have viewed as potential battlegrounds in November.

Trump advisor Jason Miller celebrated the news by saying, “And this is before Sleepy Joe gets a ton of bricks dumped on his head…”

According to the poll, Trump leads Biden by three points among Ohio voters, 46% to 43%; when undecided voters are included, Trump’s lead slightly tightens to 51% to 49%. Trump leads Biden by six points among Texas voters, 47% to 41%, but when undecided voters are included, Trump’s lead tightens to four points, 52% to 48%.

Biden faces an enthusiasm gap, with 70 percent of Trump supporters in Ohio saying they’re excited to back his bid for a second term while only 39 percent of Biden supporters said they’re energized about voting for the presumptive Democratic nominee. In Texas, 67% of Trump voters are extremely or very excited, compared to 40% of Biden voters.

Both Ohio and Texas Democratic voters want Biden to choose Senator Elizabeth Warren as his Vice President, with 29% in Ohio and 34% in Texas picking her to be the running mate.

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