President Biden’s Dog Bites Someone Else, Injuring National Park Service Employee Who Needed Medical Attention

President Joe Biden’s dog has now been involved in more than one incident of biting people. This latest situation apparently is even worse than the one before. National File had reported on the previous incident:

Major, the 3 year old, younger of the two, has been known to frequently exhibit agitated behavior on the White House grounds, including jumping, barking, and charging at White House staff, according to reports. Major was supposedly involved in a “biting incident” with White House security, prompting the White House to subsequently remove both dogs and return them back to Wilmington, Delaware.

Twitter user ‘Izzy’ posted a Breaking 911 tweet with a photo of Joe Biden with one of his dogs. The original tweet said:

“JUST IN: Pres. Biden’s dog Major involved in another biting incident; injured employee had to receive medical attention -CNN”

A National Park Service employee was bitten this time. Jill Biden’s Press Secretary Michael LaRosa said the dog is still getting used to his surroundings. Apparently, this happened on the White House lawn despite previous reports that Major and Champ, Biden’s two dogs, had been kicked out. It’s unclear exactly where they are staying on the premises now.

“Yes, Major nipped someone on a walk. Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by WHMU and then returned to work without injury.” said LaRosa.

In addition to the biting incidents, there have been Democrat sycophants who made Twitter accounts for the dogs. At one point it was reported that the “Oval Pawffice” was deleted on Twitter. This was an account that washed up has been late-night talk show hosts used to fill in the vacuum of time left that they used to use to bash former President Trump. The account may have been restored by Twitter at some point.

National File reported previously:

The Oval Pawffice, a pro-Biden Twitter account that reposts images of the Biden family’s pets and captions them using childlike prose to mock Republicans and celebrate Joe Biden, has been suspended from Twitter. They promptly blamed Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly for the ban.

The account, which had mysteriously gained nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter despite having only 20,000 fans on Facebook, was banned by Twitter yesterday without a clear explanation. Some users believe the account likely paid for fake followers, finding it unlikely the novelty Twitter account would have accrued 200,000 followers in such a short period.

Even though Biden and other jealous Democrats previously trashed former (and possible future) President Trump for not having a dog, it seems this sentiment is coming back to bite them in a big way. Time will tell what the future holds for Champ and Major.

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