Pro Antifa AG Keith Ellison Likely to Handle Case of Daunte Wright Shooting in Minnesota, After Female Officer and Police Chief Resign

Mayor Mike Elliot, of Brooklyn Center Minnesota, who previously called for police to take it easy on peaceful protesters, is now asking the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, to step in.

Mayor Elliot wants Walz to appoint radical Attorney General Keith Ellison to step in and take over the Daunte Wright case. Formerly second in command at the DNC, but resigned arguably for his support of fringe groups like Antifa, Ellison has a checkered past. It’s questionable as to who might have put Elliot up to this and hard to see how it will help heal racial divisions.

“To ensure transparency and to continue building trust in our community, I’m asking the Governor @GovTimWalz to reassign Daunte’s case to the office of the attorney general @AGEllison.”

26 year veteran of the force Kim Potter has already resigned from the force over the police-involved shooting involving Wright, which she says was an accident. Potter claimed she thought she was using a taser instead of a gun. Tim Gannon, the city’s police chief has also resigned.

Many are speculating that the fact that the shooting officer is a woman has changed the narrative already within the legacy media. Nonetheless, the rage/riot machine that is Black Lives Matter and Antifa doesn’t seem to care. Riots have happened two nights in a row, and will probably continue, although we hope not.

Perhaps President Biden will miraculously wake up from his radical liberal influences and do something to put an end to all the madness, but we highly doubt it. Stay tuned for more updates from Media Right News.