Pro-Trump US House Candidate “Won’t Put up With Bulls***”, Calls Journalist “Fake News” For Claiming he Didn’t Respond

Recently, Media Right News reported on a Congressional race in the 8th District of Pennsylvania, and some of the candidates, including veteran and pro-Trump Republican Teddy Daniels. Daniels is running to become the nominee to beat the Democrat in November. He is running as the “Trump candidate” against some other Republicans, one of which used to be independent and is arguably not a fan of President Trump according to our research.

Well, Teddy Daniels is certainly making his case for being the boisterous, Trump-like candidate here, as he is tied into a situation where he is calling out a journalist from “The Scranton Times”, apparently, according to evidence provided to us, Borys Krawczeniuk. Apparently this journalist reached out to Daniels for a story. Daniels seems to think they are biased, and “in the bag for Cartwright” (the Democrat incumbent Congressman in the 8th Congressional District for PA) and responded in a not so friendly way to the journalists request for comment, but he did in fact respond. According to Daniels, the journalist reported that he didn’t respond at all, so Daniels is calling out Krawczeniuk by posting his picture with the words, “FAKE NEWS” superimposed over it, as can also be seen in the cover photo on this story.

Teddy Daniels Facebook post reads in full:

“The Scranton Times recently published a lie that I did not respond to their latest Fake News article. I did respond and this quote was acknowledged as received by the editor. My response is below. I am sick and tired of the Scranton Times rigging elections in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District!

“I think the Scranton Times is Fake News and in the bag for Cartwright and you don’t want me to win the primary because I don’t put up with your BULLSHI*.” – Teddy Daniels

Evidence of this is in the comments.” See the post below:

A screenshot of the email between Daniels and Krawczeniuk can be seen below, where, although it certainly wasn’t friendly, Teddy Daniels did, in fact, respond to the email from ‘The Scranton Times.’ The articles put out by them seem to be behind a paywall so we are reporting on the situation as alleged by Candidate Daniels. See screenshot below:

Blue check verified Alex Clearfield on Twitter reported on this with a very short tweet. “A press release sent by the campaign of Teddy Daniels (R) in #PA08” The small screenshot, “Teddy Daniels (R) PA08 Calls Out the Scranton Times’ Bullsh**.” See below:

Candidate and veteran Daniels, who is a former police officer as well, is no stranger to calling out journalists who he feels don’t give him a fair shake. He posted on a January 8th:

“I would like to take a moment and call out the anti-military anti-police writer Kent Jackson from The Citizens’ Voice, who called me “a former security company owner” and failed to mention that I am a 15-year retired police officer and a decorated wounded combat veteran. I was literally given a purple heart for taking incoming fire in service to this country as an active duty infantry soldier. The fact that Kent Jackson and his bloggers at the Citizens Voice & Times-Tribune keep leaving my service as a police officer and wounded combat veteran out of my bio shows that the liberal press is backing anyone but Teddy. This is exactly what they did to Donald Trump. I am not in anyone’s pockets and I don’t owe anything to anyone. Please spread the word about my resume because the #FakeNews writers like Kent Jackson won’t.” See the full post below:

It remains to be seen if his potential voter base will like this brash style which is similar to that of President Trump’s, or if they decide to vote for one of the more moderate Republicans in the primary coming up, and if Daniels wins, in the general. There has not been an additional response by the Times that we know of, although, as reported previously, their articles are behind a paywall.

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