Radical Left San Francisco Ousts District Attorney Who Was Even Too Far Left for Them Due to Soft on Crime Policies

On Tuesday, voters in San Francisco successfully recalled the progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin, with a 60% voting to remove the DA in the recall yesterday.

This recall sends a message to prosecutors across the country that have taken a soft-on-crime stance. The voters, even in liberal cities want to feel safe, they want to feel like justice is being served and crimes are taken seriously, especially violent crimes.

Boudin gave a speech last night at the party he was hosting in hopes of being able to celebrate not being recalled. In his speech, he blames right-wing billionaire for his loss saying, “People are angry, they’re frustrated and I want to be very clear about what happened tonight. The right-wing billionaires outspent us three to one.”

“They exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset, and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadow boxing. Voters were not asked to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. They were given an opportunity to voice their frustration and their outrage, and they took that opportunity.”

In the speech Boudin gave, he showed no humility only deflected from his failure to do what his constituents wanted from him, keeping them safe in their city.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings’ wife Patty Quillin put six figures into a group that was attempting to save the leftwing prosecutors from being recalled. They are not alone in funding the effort to keep radical leftwing prosecutors in power according to Fox News, Director Steven Speilberg and his wife also contributed $35,000 to the Smart Justice fund.

Quillin and her husband also contributed $2.1 million in 2020 backing Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón making her the second-largest backer of the DA. George Soros is the only financial backer who outdid her with $2.25 million in support. Gascón is facing a potential recall that reached a total of half a million signatures a few days ago with about 66k to go before the effort would be placed on a ballot.

Ten days after the election results are certified by the board of supervisors, which is expected to be around June 28th, mayor London Breed will be allowed to select an interim DA. The election for a permanent replacement will be on the November ballot.

Boudin’s “radical change to how we envision justice,” and what many see as the spur to the rise in crime were policies that included, prohibitions on seeking cash bail, prosecuting juveniles as adults, and seeking tougher sentences under California’s anti-gang or “three strikes” laws.

The New York Post shed some light on Boudin’s family history.

Boudin is the son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, who served as getaway drivers for the infamous 1981 robbery of a Brink’s armored car in Rockland County, during which two cops — Nyack police Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly “Chipper” Jones — and Brink’s guard Peter Paige were murdered.

Kathy Boudin was paroled in 2003 and died of cancer in May.

Gilbert was paroled in October after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo made him eligible during one of his final acts in office after announcing he was quitting over a sex-harassment scandal.

It is unclear what Boudin will do next if he will make another attempt and run for DA of San Francisco or not. He is now under an eviction notice and will have to vacate his position at the beginning of next month. Hopefully, Mayor Breed places someone in office who wants to make San Franciscans feel safe in their city.

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