Radical Leftist Idaho School Board Candidate Chandra Reyna Loses Election Handily to Christian Mom After Tons of Anti-White Tweets Exposed

Idaho Freedom Foundation exposed Nampa, Idaho’s Chandra Reyna running for school board a few weeks ago. Nampa is a Republican city in a Republican county in a Republican state, but Reyna, anti-White tweets and all, took a shot at running for school board anyway there. From IFF:

A few days ago, concerned parents in the Nampa School District started researching their candidates for school board. Three seats on Nampa’s five-member school board are up for grabs in this year’s election. 

Parents unearthed disturbing tweets from Reyna, a candidate vying for Nampa’s Zone 3 seat. Reyna, who according to her Twitter profile is a sociology PhD candidate researching “motherhood, families, and radicalization,” runs a Twitter feed full of racist messages. 

“I need white women who live in my state to stfu about what this state is and isn’t,” Reyna tweeted on May 19. It’s unclear what she was referring to, but what is clear is that this school board candidate stereotypes white women and demeans them because of their skin color. 

Thanks to Tracey Pearson and her team, along with the IFF’s expose’, Reyna only got 34% and will not be serving as a school board member anytime soon.

Christian conservative Tracey Pearson ultimately defeated Reyna. Here’s a video she posted before the election.

Reyna was supported by a radical left-wing group called “PODER” that supports illegal immigrants’ “rights”. From their website: “PODER of Idaho works to defend and support Latino, undocumented, and DACAmented communities throughout Idaho through actions, events, and various campaigns on economic justice, social justice, and education. PODER of Idaho strives to keep our communities informed.”

Here she is posting about her election before her loss:

“On this foggy first Tuesday in Nov, I VOTED FOR MYSELF!! I ran for school board because I deeply care about the children in my community and I want each one of them to feel empowered in our schools. It’s Election Day. Wherever you’re at, go vote!”

Here are many of her anti-White tweets that helped her lose her election. You can right-click and open in new tab to see any of the full images.

It remains to be seen if PODER tries to help Reyna continue her desire for a political career down the road. Boise State University has this on their website about her:

Boise State University Website Screenshot

Speaking of liberal Boise State, they’re not sending their best. Recently one of their professors defaced an Abraham Lincoln statue with blood and feces and was arrested. Read more on that here. We recommend reading IFF’s full story on Reyna as well.