Trump Endorsed Mike Carey Keeps OH U.S. House Seat Red After Anti-Trump RINO Quit the Position

Republican Mike Carey won a hot race in Ohio to keep the U.S. House seat in the Republican column. Many were concerned about a Democrat flip after Steve Stivers resigned. Former President Trump endorsed Carey and Carey accepted. The Trump endorsement seemed to work. Mike Carey beat Allison Russo.

Stivers voted no on both Trump impeachments but he wasn’t a fan. Trump has been counting down the anti-Trump RINOs as they quiet. Stivers said of Trump:

“President Trump’s actions were unacceptable and contributed to what will be remembered as one of the darkest days in our nation’s history. Make no mistake, he must be held accountable,” Stivers said in a statement.

“The result was an attack on our constitutional republic; the peaceful transition of power is a cornerstone of our government. But equally fundamental to the republic is the due process, which this snap impeachment process in the House severely undermined by its lack of hearings, presentation of evidence, and committee action. The precedent set by this process is frightening.”

This comes on the heels of tight races in New Jersey not called yet, and a clean sweep by Republicans in Virginia. It’s clear that Biden and Pelosi are in hot water.

Now Carey will carry on a pro-Trump legacy in the Ohio seat. Stay tuned to Media Right News for more political updates.

From RSBN:

The Republican candidate for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, Mike Carey, is set to pick up a major victory tonight against Democrat opponent Rep. Allison Russo, soaring to victory with a 14-point lead.

Going into the hotly anticipated congressional race, President Trump loaned his support to the “Washington outsider” calling him a true “America First Patriot.”