Rand Paul Backs the President, Accuses Others of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Earlier this month, Turkish President Erdogan announced he would be entering Syria to create a buffer zone outside of the southern Turkish border which is occupied by the Kurds. In response, President Trump pulled 50 troops from the area.  

The United States has worked with the Kurds to defeat Isis in Iraq and Syria. In March of this year it was announced that Isis was defeated, and this a sign that the U.S. objective was achieved. In the eyes of many, now is the time for the countries of the area to stabilize the region on their own. It seems however that many members of Congress from both parties are up in arms about President Trump’s removal of the 50 troops. However, there are some defectors from this stance.  

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R) from Kentucky, who is sometimes a tough critic of President Trump, is effervescent over Trump’s move to withdraw troops from Syria. Paul has been making the rounds on TV and radio promoting his new book The Case Against Socialism. Wednesday evening he sat down with The Story Host Martha MacCallum, they didn’t talk much about his book. Instead, Paul was a cheerleader of President Trump, as you can see in the video which is shown below. Praise from Rand Paul in President Trump’s direction is in rare form, but this stance is something Paul has been consistent on. It’s still a surprise to hear him speaking of the President in such a positive way.


Some examples of times when the two have bumped heads are highlighted below.

When President Trump declared a national emergency to fund the border wall, Paul discountenanced the method in which Trump used to further the southern border wall’s building progress, and this was no surprise to the many in the Trump base, as it is common rhetoric from Paul. Four years ago in the September 16, 2015, Republican debate, Paul questions Trump’s ability to negotiate with foreign entities such as Iran calling his style childish, see the exchange in the video below. With that being said now,  Paul is cheering on President Trump’s move in Syria. Trump supporters should be pleased with Paul’s hop on the Trump express, but time will tell how this unique relationship is shaped.