Rand Paul is Shouted Down on The View For ‘Mansplaining’ About Socialism

U.S. Senator Rand Paul stepped into the gauntlet that is ‘The View’ to peddle his new book today, “The Case Against Socialism”. The lukewarm supporter of President Trump tried to explain that he doesn’t believe most people who make less than $50,000 a year pay income tax. When pressed on the matter though, he didn’t make a very good argument, and pivoted to the “40% of income taxes are paid by the top 1%” argument instead.

Rand Paul may well have been right about his claims that are likely detailed much better in his new book, but when one goes onto ‘The View’, as Sarah Sanders and Judge Jeanine have both learned, if you have opposing views, you can’t expect a fair shake. In other words, you have to go in swinging or they’re going to make you look bad, and unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.

At one point he asked Ana Navarro if she was going to let him finish his point about socialism and Venezuala, but because he didn’t give her a clear answer about whether he thought Maduro was a bad guy, the talk show host shut him down. I think Paul’s point may have been to try to explain that socialism, with or without corruption, can and likely will have destructive effects on the nation that it’s implemented upon. Unfortunately, Senator Paul was unable to make that point.

“If you vote for socialist you might get socialism” Paul stated. A fair thing to say but it seems Navarro wanted to hit him with a gotcha question meant to create a subterfuge away from the original debate. Navarro said, “Come on, don’t do that, Maduro is not a socialist, he’s a corrupt murderous thug who is starving his people” Rand went on to say “that’s not true”, likely to point out that while Maduro is indeed a corrupt person, he is indeed still a socialist, but he never got that opportunity. “Let me finish,” Paul asked, and Navarro said, “no I can’t let you finish if you’re going to say Maduro isn’t a murderous thug…” she went on to say, “don’t do this to me, don’t mansplain” and that’s when Whoopi Goldberg called for a commercial break.

OUCH! Well hopefully for Rand’s sake his book sells well, and next time he steps into the ‘snake pit’ which is ‘The View’ he is more prepared to battle it out without getting steamrolled by the oftentimes angry left-leaning hosts and audience. Oof. Watch the full clip below where the on again off again supporter of President Trump takes on the women of ‘The View’.


UPDATE: Rand Paul tweeted a response later, bemoaning the fact that he wasn’t able to talk or fairly get his point across. He tweeted out:

@ananavaro was shouting over my answer – which was Maduro’s violence and thuggery is made possible by the centralized power of his socialist government. @TheView should let guests answer!”


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