Shortly After Feud with Tucker Carlson, Shep Smith is Quitting Fox News

Recently Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a run-in with Fox News Anchor Sheppard or ‘Shep’ Smith. This was after Shep trashed Joe DiGenova for his opinions of the Trump whistleblower scandal where DiGenova vehemently disagreed with some comments by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

[Edited to add ‘Mediate op-ed pressured Shep Smith to quit’] Not too long before that, Media Matters was actually pressuring advertisers to drop some Fox shows while Mediaite ran an op-ed pressuring Shep Smith to quit in light of a controversy that had surrounded Tucker Carlson to do with White Supremacy comments Carlson had made.


Today it looks like, for now, Tucker Carlson is the one coming out on top. We don’t know for sure if there is a connection but one thing that we do know is that the Fox News base who watches Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity will be glad to hear this news, as Smith’s loud opinion’s of President Trump and his agenda were severely juxtaposed to that of the main night time cast, in addition to Judge Jeanine and Jesse Waters.

CNN reports:

In a stunning announcement, Shepard Smith said on his Friday show that after more than two decades at Fox News, he was stepping down as chief news anchor, and leaving the network.”This is my last newscast here,” Smith said, adding that he was “eternally grateful” to Fox for the opportunities it has afforded him. Smith said that he recently asked Fox to allow him to leave and begin a “new chapter.”


Fox News’ Brit Hume chimed in:

“Shep Smith has been there from the beginning and was the most talented breaking news anchor I ever saw. Fox News Channel will not be the same without him.”

It will be interesting to see what the night time anchors on Fox’s highest-rated lineup will have to say about the news. Most likely there will be more kind words than not, but will Carlson mention the feud, or put it behind him for good?

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