Rand Paul Says He’d ‘Be Surprised if Obama Didn’t Know About the Abuses That Occurred Against Trump’

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had harsh words for former President Barack Obama on Twitter earlier. He first questioned how a president could allow their “intelligence community to spy” on their “political opponents.” He then said that he’d be “surprised” if “Obama didn’t know about the abuses that occured against President Trump!”

He concluded the tweet by saying that FISA needs to be fixed now “so it never happens again!”

You are the president of the US, and you’re allowing your intelligence community to spy on your political opponents? I’d be surprised if President Obama didn’t know about the abuses that occurred against @realDonaldTrump! We need to fix FISA now so it never happens again!

Earlier today, he introduced an amendment to the House-passed FISA to protect Americans’ privacy, citing the case against Michael Flynn as an example of “abuse.”

In a statement, Paul said that “It flies in the face of our Constitution that a secret court can authorize invading an innocent American’s privacy. Recent months have once again made all too clear how such a system leads to abuse. It’s time for Congress to stop paying lip service to reform and pass real safeguards that respect Americans’ rights.”

The amendment proposed by Paul would also prohibit the federal government from introducing into evidence any information gained from warrantless surveillance on an American and would guarantee an American’s ability to use that evidence in their defense.

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