Randy Quaid Says He Has Experience Emptying Human Waste so He Might Run Against Adam Schiff

The Hollywood actor Randy Quaid, well known for his roles in ‘Independence Day’ and ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ has gotten involved in the Adam Schiff drama that has taken the news cycle by storm over the last couple of days. From Schiff getting called out for telling a satire story about the President Trump whistleblower scandal at a congressional hearing, to his repeated jabs and calls for the impeachment of President Trump, many are not too thrilled with him right now. This in tandem with his misleading statements during the Mueller investigation as House Intelligence Committee chairman has many firing back, including Randy Quaid.

In a reference to the character ‘cousin Eddie’ he played in ‘National Lampoon Christmas Vacation’ as the drunken uncle he fired a hilarious potshot at Schiff. Saying he is considering challenging him for his congressional seat in Burbank, California, he references a moment during the film where he is caught emptying the human waste from his RV and yelling, “sh***** was full”. In the tweet he said to Schiff:

“I’m thinking about running against Schiff for Burbank Rep. That swamp needs cleaning up big time. I should know. I have serious winning experience emptying the shitters for that district.”


Earlier this morning he shot off another tweet in regards to the Democrat hysteria over the seemingly manufactured whistleblower scandal. The man who reported about a phone call between Trump and the Ukranian President now appears to be a potential CIA operative and a political hack who used secondhand knowledge to file his complaint. Quaid said:

“There’s no Whistleblower, but there is a WhistleLAWYER”


Regarding President Trump and Adam Schiff, it appears they are now engaging in another Twitter war. After responding to a reporter about President Trump attacking him on Twitter, Schiff used his same answer to make an attention-seeking tweet about being ‘flattered when someone of President Trump’s character attacks him’. The now pinned tweet can be seen below.


Trump, firing back at Schiff, and referring to him by his given nickname ‘Liddle” Adam Schiff, is now under more faux outrage from CNN who claims he misspelled the word when he was clearly spelling in a joking way. The circus continues…


Even left-leaning show ‘The View’ debates Schiff’s credibility in the clip below, where you can also see Schiff’s ‘satire’ speech. Behar says about Schiff, ‘sometimes the joke’s should be left to the comedians’. Even ‘squishy’ Republican Meghan McCain who isn’t a Trump supporter by any means, excoriates Schiff, by saying, “I think if you have to clarify that it’s a parody, you’ve done it wrong,” she goes on to say, “I can’t stand Adam Schiff at all”.


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