VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy Slams Pelosi and Schiff, Implies AOC is Really in Charge

Today Doug Collins, Jim Jordan, and Kevin McCarthy took to their pedestal to issue statements in a press event about Pelosi and the Democrat’s recent behaviors. When House Minority leader McCarthy took his turn to speak at the House Republican Leadership press conference he minced no words in telling the nation how he feels about Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of the Democrat’s impeachment efforts over the ‘nothing-burger’ whistleblower scandal.

The scandal that had no ‘quid-pro-quo’ as was implied by the left before the transcripts of a Trump phone call with the Ukrainian President were released to boot. In the video, McCarthy responds to a combative reporter saying the Democrats were claiming the President did a ‘quid-pro-quo’ when they had no evidence to prove that. The Democrats did indeed end up being wrong. “How many millions of dollars did we go through with the Mueller report?” he says. He then goes on to undermine Congressman Adam Schiff’s (D) credibility as he is one of the Democrats screeching for impeachment.

“This speaker [Pelosi] that claims the President violated, also nominated Adam Schiff the Congressman of our Intel Committee, that is a gathering for our national security. The same individual Congressman Adam Schiff, who had lied to the American public for the last two years. Who had looked into the camera and said he had proof beyond circumstantial evidence. Well, you know what? We spent millions of dollars. More than a year. We went around the world with our very best people from the FBI and others. But we found that was a lie”

He goes on with his scathing rebuke below including mentions of potential improprieties by presidential candidate and former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden related to Ukraine. He also questions Nancy Pelosi’s ability to be speaker in another absolutely devastating slam.


McCarthy was also getting out ahead of this last night as well, as can be seen in a Fox News clip with Sean Hannity. In the clip retweeted by President Trump, McCarthy sounds off on the situation as it was last night, and what he thinks about what’s in store for the future. “I don’t know why the Democrats are excited,” he says. He goes on to say “they just made America weaker” in regards to Nancy Pelosi calling for an official impeachment inquiry by the House Dems. he goes on to take a swipe at Pelosi, in regards to her losing power struggle with ‘Squad’ member AOC. “If you want to know what Speaker Pelosi’s going to do tomorrow, read what AOC tweets tonight”. OUCH!


McCarthy had an official reaction/statement last night as well that was also a scathing rebuke. “Our job here is a serious job. Our job is to focus on the American public. Our job is to make tomorrow better than today. Our job is to legislate. Not to continue to investigate something in the back when you cannot find any reason to impeach the president. This election is over. I realize 2016 did not turn out the way speaker Pelosi wanted it to happen. But you cannot change the laws of this congress.” He goes on in the video below to continue his scathing rebuke of Pelosi, Jerry Nadler (D) and the left.


Trump tweeted again earlier today. He issues a statement on transparency and signaled that he is working with McCarthy to let out all the information that is needed to show that the Trump administration wasn’t involved in anything unscrupulous, much less impeachable. He tweeted:

“I have informed @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and all Republicans in the House that I fully support transparency on so-called whistleblower information but also insist on transparency from Joe Biden and his son Hunter, on the millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily….”


McCarthy fired off a tweet in yet another jab at the Democrats just a couple of hours ago. He says they are now requesting documents that they already have access to and calls the Dem Majority ‘pointless’. He tweeted in full:

“Can’t make this up.→ Democrats are holding a show vote to request access to the classified whistleblower documents. There’s just one thing…they ALREADY have access. They were literally able to view the documents in the Capitol today.

This Dem Majority has become pointless.”


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