Randy Quaid Wishes Trump The Best: “Our President Is A Warrior!!!” Amid Covid-19 Diagnosis

Hollywood actor Randy Quaid, famous for his appearing in the alien invader blockbuster “Independence Day” has been an unlikely ally of President Trump’s in recent times. Between his support for Trump and hard hitting slams on Democrats like Adam Schiff for what he feels is a horrible job he’s done as a Congressman in California, Quaid has been on the side of Trump and his supporters.

This bucks the trend of nasty Hollywood leftists such as Kathy Griffin, Joy Behar, and others who have repeatedly shocked us with worse and worse comments on Trump and his wife Melania. Today Quaid is back, wishing Trump well while Kathy Griffin, Behar, and others mock the first family and some left-wingers rejoice over the tragic Covid-19 diagnosis that Donald and Melania has been facing.

Quaid posted a picture of President Trump with his mask on and thumb up, encouraging all amid an impending election by saying “Our President Is A Warrior!!!” and “#Trump2020”. See below:

Earlier, Quaid had tweeted on the Trump Twitter silence that was recently broken by a video where Donald says he feels he is doing ok. He seems to be opineing on how a world without Trump’s presidential presence would be much less entertaining by saying:

Today tells me one thing—Life with Biden on the airwaves is unbearable and lame! So this is what they mean when they say COVID causes depression. #TrumpPence2020

Although many Hollywood elites and liberals would and have disagreed, you can count on Quaid to buck the trend, as he has been a reliable supporter and cheerleader for this presidential administration similar to that of the more serious Jon Voight. Voight hasn’t commented yet on the current situation with the hospitalization of President Trump but he often posts videos speaking out against liberals and in support of Donald Trump.

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