‘Refuse Fascism DC’ Holds Rally and Press Conference in BLM Plaza Calling for Trump’s Removal as President

As President Trump has been silenced on social media platforms and following the riots at the Capitol in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, a far-left group, “Refuse Fascism DC,” is seizing on the situation to hold a rally and demand that he leave office.

Refuse Fascism is a group of Antifa who are organized on a national level and their D.C. chapter is one branch.

The national outlet released a tweet yesterday where they asked, “Will decent people make clear our determination & act to stop this fascist danger?”

They added, “A united, public show of revulsion against Trump & repudiation of his regime’s fascist program – thru non-violent, sustained protest & resistance – has been overdue for years. #25thAmendmentNow

The D.C. chapter retweeted that tweet and said, “DC BLM Plaza Rally and Press Conference Sat. Jan 9 at 2:30 pm Join us and let your voice be heard. It is past time that people act in the interest of humanity to stop the fascist regime!”

The national chapter of the group also issued a tweeted today, which called for, “Today: We are asking you to come to #BlackLivesMatter Plaza in Washington DC at 2:30 pm to stand with and have the backs of two courageous conscience leaders, @Carl_Dix & @WilliamHLamarIV as they raise the demand in the public square that Trump be removed immediately.”

Carl Dix, according to his bio, is a rep for the Revolutionary Communist Party, an advocate of Bob Avakian’s New Communism, and he refused to go to Vietnam.

Rev. William Lamar is a pastor of the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church an advocate of the BLM movement in D.C.

News2Share has a live stream of the event: