Maricopa County GOP Censure Jeff Flake, Expect to Censure Cindy McCain at Next Meeting

At a meeting yesterday, the Maricopa County, Arizona Republican Committee overwhelmingly approved a censure of former GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, who did not seek a second term in 2018 and who also endorsed Joe Biden over Republican President Donald Trump.

It was also reported that some at the meeting on Saturday wanted to censure Cindy McCain for her support of Biden, but the proposal did not move forward, according to Marcus Milam, who was acting secretary at the event.

In a tweet about the censure, Flake simply said that he believes that he is “in good company.”

McCain, the wife of former GOP Sen. John McCain, responded to a now unavailable tweet by insisting that she is “a proud lifelong Republican and will continue to support candidates who put country over party and stand for the rule of law.”

McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain, who is a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” dismissed the proposed censure. She shared what appeared to be the corrected repost of the unavailable tweet that her mom had quote tweeted and sarcastically asked, “Oh how will she ever survive such a thing?!?”

Meghan then referenced the situation that happened at the Capitol in Washington D.C. on Wednesday and said, “And this is THE REAL problem facing the Arizona GOP, my mom! A few days after a domestic terror attack led by maniac Trump supporters.”

The Arizona Republican Party page offered support for the move and in a tweet pointed out that “Cindy McCain and Jeff Flake never supported Martha McSally for Senate. They surrendered both Senate seats to the Democrats. Sad!”