Rep Pete King to “Mr. No” Massie: If Anyone Who Returned To Vote Gets Infected, Blood Is On Your Hands

Late last night, Rep Thomas Massie (R) appeared on Fox News to defend his decision again for a roll call vote on the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill. They showed a tweet from Rep Pete King (R) during the segment.

House passes pandemic emergency bill. Victory for America. Large number of Congress Members had to be in House Chamber and risk infection to themselves & others because of 1 arrogant Member. If anyone gets infected, blood is on @RepThomasMassie’s hands!

Massie’s response: That’s a pretty strong statement. Think about the arrogance of these Congressmen. They’re telling the truckers to keep driving so that their grocery stores will have groceries, they’re telling the UPS drivers to keep bringing their Amazon packages, they’re telling the bagger at the grocery store to keep bagging those groceries, but these Congressmen make $174,000 a year, they’ve got the best healthcare that you can buy these days and they’re telling people that the Congressmen need to stay home and everybody else needs to work for them.

We had reported last night how Massie has a history of blocking President Trump supported relief bills and an article was released from Reuters yesterday detailing how he had earned the nickname, “Mr. No” for voting against so many bills in Congress.

His strategy, “It is irresponsible to increase spending and decrease taxes, which is why I consistently vote to decrease spending and decrease taxes.”

Last year, he was one of six Republicans to vote against his party’s candidate, Kevin McCarthy for speaker. Massie voted instead for Jim Jordan, a founding member of the Freedom Caucus. Massie aligned with conservative and libertarian Republicans who formed the Freedom Caucus in 2015, but did not join the caucus.

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