Trump Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Under Fire For Starting Process to Import 85k Gig Workers Amid Crisis

Yesterday, a Breitbart article was released stating that “President Donald Trump’s deputies announced Friday that they had begun the process of importing 85,000 H-1B gig workers to take white-collar jobs that will be needed after October by the millions of American graduates who are now losing jobs in the coronavirus crash.”

The current head of DHS, Chad Wolf, formerly served as a lobbyist for the NASSCOM outsourcing industry, which imports most of the H-1B gig workers. The group’s mix of Indian and U.S. companies use the H-1B program to extract salaries and wealth from the American college graduate class, and they split the gains among both countries’ executives and investors, plus the visa workers and India’s government.

An article released when he was appointed by an Immigration advocacy group, America’s Voice, called him a “puppet for Stephen Miller”. Wolf was Chief of Staff to Kirstjen Nielsen, the previous Secretary of DHS and they claimed that he played a direct role in the creation of the family separation policy.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their outrage, including Fox Business Show Host Lou Dobbs. He tweeted out this morning, “This is outrageous! Who is behind this madness?”

Another user with a sizable following took Wolf to task by tweeting, “this is appalling that @DHSgov and Chad Wolf would carry out this American Career Carnage when a record 3.3 MILLION Americans just lost their jobs.
Stop it Now.”

We can only hope that Wolf and President Trump are listening because importing more people into the country is the last thing we need right now with American workers filing for unemployment at a record level thanks to the Coronavirus.

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