Reports of Epstein Trafficking 11-Year-Olds as Recently as 2018 Accompany Perpetual Murder Conspiracies

According to a new suit filed on Wednesday against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, Epstein trafficked hundreds of girls on his private island in the Virgin Islands up until 2018. The new suit was brought by the attorney general of the Virgin Islands, Denise George. A Wall Street Journal Tweet explains how this suit broadens the time he trafficked girls by over a decade.

The tweet was captioned: “U.S. Virgin Islands prosecutors said disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein abused hundreds of young women and girls until 2018, broadening the scope of his sexual trafficking by more than a decade”, see below:

Back in November, Epstein’s Lawyers were looking to establish a fund for victims of Epstein’s. The new suit reveals this fund would require the women to remain anonymous. A report from National Review states “The estate continues to engage in a course of conduct aimed at concealing the criminal activities of the Epstein enterprise,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit alleges that Epstein used a ring of associates to transport aspiring models and girls as young as 11 and 12 to Little Saint James — only accessible by boat or helicopter — on fraudulent modeling visas, while he tracked their availability and proximity using a “computerized list.” 

Things keep being revealed in the case of Epstein’s pedophile ring. The investigation into Epstein’s death announced last week that  “video from Epstein’s apparent suicide attempt had been lost due to technical errors” according to Washington Post.

In breaking news reported by Daily Mail, set to air today on the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother to investigate Jeffrey’s death. Dr. Baden disputes the claims that Epstein committed suicide while awaiting trial in New York for trafficking underage girls.

The tweet by Dr. Mehmet Oz is captioned: “Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden opens up about what he saw at the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein.” See tweet below:

Baden goes over details that he claims show that Epstein was strangled to death and did not commit suicide. Broken capillaries, pale feet, and no tissue or blood on the nose are some of the evidence Baden goes over to dispute suicide. 

As the investigations into Epstein continue, we and other news outlets will attempt to keep the latest reports available.

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