Reports Say Final Evacuation Flights Out of Afghanistan Were Not Able to Rescue All Stranded Americans

CNBC and others are reporting that the United States is finished the evacuation efforts to get Americans and Afghans out through Kabul airport. This comes as the left-leaning media is touting Joe Biden’s ending of America’s longest war.

But The Hill reports that not all Americans got out. This means that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Joe Biden effectively lied in our view when they said this would not happen. We understand there will be fact-checking and damage control. Perhaps they will say certain Americans didn’t want to leave.

Perhaps they will say certain Americans didn’t heed warnings to prepare to evacuate in time and therefore Biden isn’t to blame. We have no idea how the Biden administration and its left-leaning allies in the media may spin this.

Nevertheless, it’s a tragic situation. It’s unclear if there will be further evacuation efforts or refugees leaving Afghanistan to other nearby nations in the near future.

We do know that the left wants as many Afghani refugees to come to the United States as possible. Many Republican Governors are welcoming them. Some are quiet, and other elected Republicans are saying no refugees while we face a flood of illegal immigration to the south and a continuing pandemic.

The Hill tweeted:

“JUST IN: US unable to evacuate all Americans out of Afghanistan after military withdrawal”

In fact, it’s being reported that there were no Americans in the final five flights out of Kabul. The Hill reported in part:

Some Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan remain in the country following the final U.S. military withdrawal and evacuation efforts from Afghanistan.

U.S. Central Command leader Marine Corps Gen. Frank McKenzie told reporters during a briefing Monday afternoon in Washington that the Americans who wanted to leave and who were not evacuated number in the “very low hundreds.”

McKenzie said that no Americans were evacuated on the final five flights out of Kabul’s international airport, where the U.S. evacuation mission was located.

Joe Biden plans to address the nation on Tuesday afternoon. It’s hard to say what he will have to say for Americans being left behind as we took thousands of Afghanis out.

UPDATE: 7:22 ET:

According to Jacqui Heinrich, SOS Blinken says there are between 100-200 Americans left who want to leave:

“Secretary of State Blinken says there are 100-200 Americans remaining in Afghanistan who want to leave, but he believes the number is closer to 100.”